How to Choose a Dining Table for your New House

Aidan Metal Chair in Yellow SKU 055838When you buy a new house, family time becomes extremely important. Creating a comfortable environment where everyone can share new ideas and experiences is a challenge. The dining room is often that special meeting place.

For the dining room or kitchen, the table is a focal place, where family members can have a meal together and talk about aspects of their day with one other. The dining room furniture is best when it can meet the needs of every family member throughout the day. In a new house, these precious moments are especially important, to make the new surroundings familiar and more welcoming for everyone.

To select the right dining environment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:Donaldson Dining Table

  1. Decide that style. Prior to purchasing a dining table, you need to decide on the design. You should arrive at the size (big or small), shape (square, rectangular, or round), style, and colour of the table. These characteristics will need to match with your existing furniture.
  2. Get the right height and table length. It is a good idea to measure the space or the room where you are going to place the dining table. This will help you in getting the right dining table which is neither too large nor too small to meet your requirements.
  3. Suit the table for your long-term lifestyle. If you and your family plan to live in this new house for many years to come, then plan to buy a solid dining table that will last. However, if you move regularly (say, every few years where you need to relocate to different cities) then it is better to go for a detachable or assemble-it-yourself dining table.
  4. Check comfort and stability. To make sure you get a chance to test your dining table before you use it, you should visit a few dining room furniture stores, to get the right kind of comfort and stability. There should be enough elbow room (the ideal space is thirty inches between chair centres and across the table). To check the stability, you can gently lean on the table from different angles.
  5. Consider the other uses for the table. If you or your family members are going to use your dining table for other tasks, then you should consider these habits before you choose a table. A dining table that serves different tasks, such as doing homework, sewing, completing home office work, doing art or model work, etc, should have appropriate seating capacity and offer sufficient comfort for long periods of time. If the table will go through a great amount of wear and tear and cleaning required regularly, then you will need a table top that is made with tempered glass, solid metal or wood.

Transforming the look of your house or embellishing your new house with the largest and best pieces of furniture is easier said than done. But if you and your family keep in mind the right kind of comfort, stability and durability needed, finding the right pieces can be task made a whole lot easier.