Redoing Your Home This Summer? Things to Keep in Mind

caroline-secftional-sofa-decoriumAre you planning to renovate your home, or better yet, redoing your home this summer? To do it right, redoing your home involves getting a little creative. You need to think out of the box without forgetting the needs of the season, like getting fresh air, staying cool and feeling playfully vibrant.


If you look at summers in general, you will notice that your interests and needs particularly change for this season. You want touches of brighter colours to remind you of the warmth of the sun. You look for more airy accommodations that provide ventilation while masking direct sun. You want to stay cool and calm but let out your whimsical side. So, here are a few things that you should necessarily keep in mind while redoing your home for the summertime.

Prepare to Get Some Air

Open up the space. You are going to want fresh air this summer. The quick and easiest way to get instant airyness is to remove any dark fabric curtains hanging along your windows. Only light, transparent and cotton fabrics should be used for the windows, maybe some blinds, but open them up! They will absorb the rough rays of the sun while allowing light and air to enter your home.

Let Fresh Flowers Bloom

abstract-pattern-glass-vase-decoriumThe light’s apt for fresh flowers! A little flower power will go a long way, making your home appear cooler, more fresh and beautiful. The warm summer fragrance will also light up the smell of these flowers. Small vases could be placed on your dinner table. In fact, if you are planning to do the outdoors of your home, you could pack some nice flowers in an urban garden and let them bloom. This will create a striking appearance for your home, with freshness abound. Ideally, grow some excellent summer flowers in your home for lasting effect!

Stay Cool and Vibrant

When planning to redo your home for summer, you should also focus on making home a lot cooler, considering the heat the season is set to bring on, but let’s not get too white. You should do up the home interiors with some light colors as a base. Light yellow or white touch up would be great for your home. You can have light-coloured framed art along the walls. Go for colours such as sky blue, white, off white, pink etc. Anything light is the ideal color of the season. Then, add in a few bright-coloured accessories to get into your happier, more whimsical moods. Find something eclectic and maybe even a little silly, just to make you smile everytime you enter the room. A little sparkle couldn’t do any harm either!

So think outside box and get rid of any sense of winter dreariness. Find that fresh air, stay cool and keep yourself feeling playfully vibrant all the while! Good luck!