How Do You Want Your Room to Feel?


It’s not always “what do you want your space to look like”, but rather “how do you want your room to feel?”  Interiors are more than just how the space looks.  Do you want your room to look comfortable and calm so at the end of the day you can relax?  Perhaps, you desire a coastal beachy feeling in the room. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a client who 
lived in the Caribbean for thirty years and now she resides in a condo living on the 30th floor in a high rise.  She overlooks Lake Ontario and loves the breathtaking view of the water.  She fell in love with a blue sectional for her space with toss pillow in different shades of blue, because it reminds her of being at home.  It’s possible to create a feeling with colour. 

Would you rather be at the cottage?  If so, you can incorporate some rustic items in your space to 
make it feel more like you’re there.  Would you like to be in Florida?  Try putting some green palm trees in your space.  No matter the style of your furniture,  if  a room has a good feel to it, it will always be an inviting home.

 To quote the Beach Boys song In My Room, on the album Surfer Girl

There is a place I can go to veg or chill!

Article Written By: Ellen Zworth 

Design Consultant at Decorium

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