Traditional Decor and Its Relevance Today

A lot of the pieces in our furniture store Toronto would be classified under the category of “Traditional Decor”. However, at first glance, customers don’t associate these pieces with the name.

“Traditional decor” is often associated with “out-dated” or “old fashioned” furniture; the kind you would see in a museum – made of wood and olden style designs, but this doesn’t ring true with what traditional decor really is.

traditional home furniture setToday’s traditional decor more than anything provides a sense of luxury, but is attached to history and refined to accommodate a modern twist. Traditional decor gives a home substance that’s both comforting and welcoming, and over the years, this type of decor in our furniture store Toronto has changed from a feeling of stuffiness to a more fresh and lively look.

Below is a list of some elements that are associated with traditional style decor.

Symmetry. Pieces that are matching in style and are placed parallel to one another give a room a sense of symmetry. Placing matching chairs in front of one another with a table in the middle are akin to traditional decor. Placing a set of shelves on either side of a doorway or sconce on the sides of a mantelpiece also gives a sense of symmetry which is very pleasing to the eye.

Architectural detail. Our furniture store Toronto offers a lot of decorative trim. Crown moulding adds a touch of luxury to a room while elaborate doors and window frames give a room a sense of elegance.

Walls. The colour of walls that you choose for your room will also play a big role in the look of your room. A certain colour on a wall plays off the furniture pieces really well when you use a neutral tone like a taupe or a tan. Rich colours like yellow, red or even dark green can also be used as wallpaper to give a room a luxurious look.

classic brown sofaFloors. Beautiful hardwood is a standard in traditional decor. Put a beautiful oriental rug on top and you’ve got a traditional setting. For bathroom floors, a marble wall can really be effective, while black and white tiles in a kitchen give it a classic look.

A bookcases full of books. A bookcase is an essential component to traditional decor that offers a period of European elegance and splendour. A bookcase full of books give of an air of sophistication to a room making a statement that you are well-traveled and educated.

Embellishment. Oversized mirrors and curtains make a room look taller and ceilings higher. This is a traditional decor trick. Adding luxurious cushions and silk touches bring a feeling of embellishment and accomplishment.

An air of plenty. You will find that our furniture store Toronto has a lot of traditional style pieces that are comfortable. Rugs are thick and pillows are plushy while green lamps switch on for reading.

Fine furniture. Go for mahogany or dark oak. Traditional deco offers substance and style – pieces that look seasoned give a room a complementary modern twist.

Traditional decor gives a touch of glamour to a home. Today’s traditional decor gives a room an elegant look that’s both flexible and relaxing. It’s all about finding a blend that will work well for you. Traditional decor makes you want to curl up with a good book and enjoy a cup of coffee. It gives a room a touch of luxury, history and a modern twist.