Tips for Modern Decor

When it comes to modern and contemporary, many people become confused with the two and what they actually mean. While contemporary is what is in and trendy now, modern in a sleek design that is more historical. When looking for modern furniture it is essential to pay attention to the lines of a piece. Here are some tips to help you in decorating a modern home.

 Make sure lines are simple and elegant

  • When going modern the room is about the space you fill and don’t fill. Not every way and corner needs to be covered. A modern décor is open and leaves room to breathe.
  • A modern design includes wall space that is a little bit more empty. 4-6 smaller symmetrical frames aligned or one large piece that leaves space creates the perfect modern focal point.
  • Modern style includes furniture pieces with low rise backs and clean lines.
  • When accessorizing simple lines and colours with bold graphics are the way to go.
  • For example, instead of a rug with many colours and patterns, try a rug with bold lines and one or two splashes of colour.  Modern décor can be tricky but these simple steps will help you in your modern journey.

Clean and simple lines

Bold and focused –  not scattered

And remember LESS is MORE!

 Design tips by Marta Wojtal at Decorium Furniture