The Virtues of our Family Business


Three generations ago our grandparents immigrated to Canada after the war.  Coming to this new land with nothing, they had no other option but to work hard to start their new life and support their 4 children.

Honesty, integrity, hard work and respect for others are the core virtues and values that we have inherited and continue use as the foundation for everything we do at Decorium. It’s the only way to live your life and the only way to run your business.  Just like our father Joe always told us, “You can sell a customer once or you can make them happy for a lifetime.” This is our objective at Decorium.

Over the years, we have learned valuable lessons from our father and our grandfather. These are lessons that cannot be learned without having the benefit of that experience in your family. We know we must extend ourselves daily to earn the trust and confidence of every single customer who visits one of our showrooms or visits our website or social media.

The world has changed over the past 70 years but the way people should be treated hasn’t! We get this at Decorium.