Summer Colours – Keep the Season Going

Just because Summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean your home has to lose the sun indoors.  Keep your home cheerful and bright, and evoke an everlasting summer with these decor ideas.

Flowers and Plants

Bring nature inside with potted plants and fresh flowers.  Spread green throughout your home with easy to maintain succulents or other bursts of green. Buy a fig tree or a palm tree for tropical decor in your home .
Take flowers one step further with pillows or floral wallpaper .


Brilliant Colours

Yellow is the most obvious colour to use to inject sunshine into you home. Don’t go overboard, rather use it as an accent in vases or art.

Pastel Colours

Add pops of colour like blush pink, aqua or lilac.  Use pretty pastels or shades of blue in a living room.  An occasional chair or even a sofa in pink will keep the summer feel in your space.


Bounce the light around with the placement of mirrors .

Summer holidays

Did you go on vacation this summer?
Perhaps Niagara on the lake, Greece, to the cottage in blue mountain or elsewhere… Wherever you went, print pictures and put them in frames as a reminder of happy summer memories in your family room .  Every time you look at these photographs it will conjure up warm feelings!


Article Written By: Ellen Zworth 

Design Consultant at Decorium

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