Styling a bookshelf

Ten Tips to style a Bookshelf:

  1. Put tall objects on the top shelf to emphasize the height of the ceiling.

  2. Use bookends on one of the shelves , but not on all of the shelves as it will be overwhelming.

  3. Stack books in different directions.

  4. Group picture frames of different sizes on a shelf.

  5. Showcase souvenirs on a shelf to start a conversation about your travels.

  6. Add life with greenery.

  7. Add whimsical touches i.e. a glass knot or metal glasses.

  8. Try use an odd number of shelves.

  9. Try adding words i.e. Love or Family or your Initials.

  10. Try colour blocking if you want to be creative.

October 11th 2019
Article Written By: Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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