Spring Time Furniture

Spring is officially approaching.  As the colour outside changes from gloomy grey to perfectly sunny and pastel, our interiors also require a bit of a refresh.

  1. Throw down a bright rug. Like green grass and spring flowers outside, the change in the season calls for something bright underfoot.
  1. The growing interest in acrylic is clear. The material is seen on dining table legs and coffee table legs as well. If you have a small space, see-through furniture can also be a strategic choice to help open up the room.
  1. Bring the outside in. Fill vases with your favourite flowers and place them on tables to remind you that spring is here.
  1. Change up your furniture. Now is the time to change up your dark upholstered chair for a lighter spring coloured replacement.
  1. Buy floral items that make a statement ie: a stunning floral media stand, or over-sized artwork with floral pastels, or a very pretty fresh floral upholstered occasional chair.

Welcome spring in your home with these fresh ideas!


Article Written by: Ellen Zworth

Design Consultant at Decorium


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