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When we are talking about proper height and furniture spacing we need to know the acceptable measurements for the furniture layout in the space. These are as follows:

Dinning room

Ideally, the distance between any walls and the dining room table, or any other furniture in the room, should be at least 36” apart to allow furniture to slide in and out easily. To improve the flow of traffic in the room, provide at least 48” distance between any furniture and the entrance. The ability slide chairs, with or without arms, easily under the table makes the dining experience a whole lot better for everyone. To guarantee you’ll achieve this with your dining table, provide about 7” vertical space between the chairs and table’s apron.

Distance between chandelier and dining table depends on what look you want to create in the room. Low hanging chandeliers create a modern look, but be careful! If you hang it too low, you will clutter up the look or interfere with ability to convers. On the other hand, hanging a chandelier too high will reduce the integrated feel it brings to the room. The acceptable distance is to hang the chandelier between 24” to 32” from the dining table. To allow chairs to be pull out without any obstruction a rug should be span about 36” past all sides of the dining table.  If you have the space, 24” distance between dining chairs will allow them to slide in and out effortlessly.

Living room

The distance between your sofa and coffee table should be around 18” to give enough room for legs or to be able to reach out to the coffee table with no strain. The best distance between any seating furniture should be between 3.5” to 10” to allow people’s conversation to flow. Ideally, side tables should be the same height as the sofa’s arm, so the people can reach to the side table with no strain. Distance between TV and sofa depends on the size of the TV. Check out a TV size to distance calculator online for the best results. Distance between the wall and rug should be 24” in a large room and 12”- 18” in a smaller room. At least the two front legs of the sofa should rest on the rug.


Side tables should be placed no more than 6” away from each side of the bed. 30”- 42” clear space is preferable around the perimeter the bed.

In conclusion: Do not over crowded the room with furniture. Do not aligned the furniture to the walls. Group the furniture together and put them away from the walls.


Article Written By: Maryam Sadrmomtaz

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

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