Small Spaces, Big Solutions

View on the modern bedroom 3D

The idea of furnishing a small space, it can be overwhelming. You could avoid this, by choosing the right colors and the right furniture.

Light colors on the walls: when you have a small space, you should paint the walls in light colors, especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light coming through. This doesn’t mean that they should all be in white. Yellow, for example, it can be a great solution for a small and dark space as long as it is the right shade.

Furniture: When you get to the point of furnishing a small space, the idea is not to fill the space with lots of pieces, but the right ones. Choose furniture with storage and that can be multi-functional. For example:

  • Bed with storage underneath
  • Ottomans that can be used for extra seating, storage and coffee tables.
  • Sofa with storage or sofa beds
  • Tables that can be used as dining tables and/or workstations
  • TV stands that can also be used as buffets
  • Mirrors in front of windows to reflect the natural light and create a brighter and bigger room
  • Sofa tables to use as both dining tables and/or desks
  • Plain fabrics on furniture versus wild patterns, always make the space look bigger.

As I said before you can make the room look bigger by selecting furniture that will help you find big solutions for small spaces.

Written by Adriana Glait, Design Consultant at Decorium


Some examples of multi-purpose furniture we have at Decorium:

Xavier House Buffet SKU 053007



Xavier House Media Console -SKU 053007



Scott Storage Ottoman in White Lthr SKU 055403



Scott Leather Storage Ottoman – SKU 055403



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Aero Dining Table – SKU 037969



Kerwood Close Drop Leaf Console Table



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