See It for Yourself, Make It Just the Way You Want with Decorium

We live in modern times. We lead contemporary lifestyles. With so many technological advancements and more people on the planet than ever before, our desire for individual identity and expression is more important than ever! To express ourselves as individuals, with a sense of authenticity, ingenuity and prevalence, is essential to our identity and well-being.

Photographs are two-dimensional and we all know your lifestyle is not! With brilliant lighting and perfect positioning of collections shown in magazines and on-line, we know the actual, tactical experience of an item can be incredibly different from the image. At Decorium, we want your dream home and its reality to match harmoniously. We know you want items that are striking and dynamic, that look wonderful to you, your family and friends in real-time, in three-dimensional space.

At Decorium, we encourage you to be yourself and to want the furniture and accessories in your dreams. Seeing the items for yourself can have an enormous impact on whether you decide to purchase them. We understand that it can take some time to figure out exactly what you want. We want to help you and we can. With in-home and in-store design assistance readily available, we can really make a difference in your home.  Online, we offer our Decorium Room Planner to help guide you through some of the possible layouts for your bedroom, home office, living and dining room:

Decorium Room Planner

We want you to see for yourself. With many of the items you buy, we understand you want to be able to walk around it, touch the surface, and experience all the features. We believe that you should feel proud to purchase exactly what you want. We always try to display the essential pieces in every collection to give you an overall sense of the whole collection.

We offer custom fabrics and leathers on many of our upholstered items. We can custom order any item for you in the entire collection as it is available and on display. We encourage you to change the look and style as available on our floor models to suit your personal style. Unlike many other retailers, we actually try to open all the options on each of our products. We want you to make your home your own.


By Nicole Sutherland, Decorium