Rustic Chic Arrives at Both Decorium Furniture Stores in Toronto

rustic chic furnitureMarrying the charm of country-inspired living with the comfort and sophistication of modern design, Decorium’s newest collection introduces a range of uniquely styled furnishings and décor items. Rustic Chic is now available at both modern furniture stores in Toronto, where you’ll discover a wide variety of pieces to reinvigorate any space.

Rustic chic has become a popular trend in the world of weddings, but so too has it reshaped the way we look at furniture and the art of decorating. Particularly during autumn, as harvest time and Halloween approach, the panoply of colours and rural-inspired aesthetics seems to nudge homeowners and interior decorators in a more creative direction.

The latest collection at Decorium beautifully incorporates an array of materials, textures and colours, all serving complementary purposes. The collection features many items for living and dining rooms, and shares a common theme of crisp, clean lines and geometric shapes. Sophisticated styling details elevate pieces to a level that makes them at home in just about any space—contemporary, classic or somewhere in between.

Each piece is handmade and is designed to serve as an accent within the space it occupies. The unique combinations of materials, including wood, stone, metal, glass and rattan, break up the uniformity of nearby pieces and are meant to spur conversations. But a thoughtful, artistic approach to design has also produced items that won’t overwhelm a room or lead to jarring combinations.

In terms of colour palette, rustic chic holds primarily to warmer, earthy tones that invoke country living, without making you feel as though you’ve left the city. Gold, silver, metallic and antiqued are among the most common finishes, and are meant to work well with a variety of furnishings.

Rustic chic is certainly one way to diversify city spaces, which over time can lose touch with the natural world. You can introduce a touch of rural charm into your space by visiting either of Decorium’s two modern furniture stores in Toronto, or by viewing these new products online. To learn more about rustic chic and how it can spice up your home’s aesthetic, view the full press release here.