Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Furniture!

Shopping for new furniture is always an exciting experience! At the same time, it can be a very tiring task. If you are planning to buy furniture in the near future, here are some helpful questions to make the process a little easier!

Who will be using the space?

Is this space primarily for you, your children, your friends and family? Obviously for personal space, you have more leeway in choosing a style or fabric. However, if you’re sharing the space with others, their needs and preferences have to be addressed as well.

To better visualize the full scale of the new space for everyone, it’ll be beneficial to think about all aspects of the furniture before really starting to look. For example:

How much space do I have and will this new furniture fit into my house?

Before you begin to shop for new furniture, it will be important to write down ALL measurements needed for the process. More often than not, people will only take down the dimensions of the room they are decorating or the size limit of the furniture. These are big mistakes!

It will be essential to measure the hallways and doorways the furniture will be passing through to get to the room itself. Without considering the path, you may have a brand new hallway sofa to show off! Lol. 

Depending on how often you move and redecorate, you should ask yourself:

How long do I plan to use my new furniture?

The length of time you plan to use a piece of furniture can help determine the kind of furniture you need. If you plan to use something for only a few years or like to change your surroundings frequently, then it might not be a good idea to buy heavy or more permanent furniture. However, when you want something to last, it makes sense to look for quality; this is generally reflected in the price and the quality of manufacture.

To make sure you are getting the right quality, you should keep in mind:

What kind of attributes should I look for in my furniture?

For some people, it’s critical to know precisely how their future sofa is constructed or what type of solid hardwood is used to make their coffee table. The quality of the materials used is often reflected in the price point. For instance, if you are interested in purchasing something made out of solid hardwood, a higher price point can be expected. The more care invested in the manufacturing – such as the intricacy of the weave, fiber content, construction, and performance characteristics – the more likely the furniture will maintain its value over time.

Whether you need your furniture immediately or you have some time to reflect on your future purchase, it will be helpful to ask yourself:

When do I need my furniture delivered?

Sometimes quality furniture can take a long time to select and have delivered to your home. Delivery times can vary depending on the product selected. Custom-made products can take a bit longer simply due to the fact that a one of a kind item is being custom made to meet your specifications.

Are there ways to protect my furniture against accidents?

Other than the daily wear and tear, if you are concerned about accidents, you may want to consider a protection plan.

Other stores may offer other plans, but at Decorium, we offer a Guardsman warranty protection plan for all our furniture. Our protection plan requires a one-time payment and protects your furniture for 5 or 10 years, guaranteed.

With your newfound answers to these questions, we hope you can better find the furniture you’re looking for. With great selection and quality products, we also look forward to serving you soon!


Design advice by Artem Gurikov at Decorium