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  • Mirror 69125 Silo

    Accent Mirror

    $ 899.00 $ 795.58

    Plain and simple, this beautiful accent mirror features a gorgeous ebony finish on it’s pristine wooden frame, and resonates with a wholesome ambiance.

  • Adonis Mirror 69181 Silo

    Adonis Mirror

    $ 699.00 $ 618.58

    Whether placed horizontally over a buffet, accent chest, or console table, or vertically as a pair, this stunning mirror adds an elegant geometric zing to any home.

    Materials & Details



    Gold Leaf

    Custom Options

    Available only as shown.

  • Amanda May Portrait Mirror 61098 Silo

    Amanda May Portrait Mirror

    $ 499.00 $ 441.59

    For the look of a dream. Beautiful moldings and intricate wood carvings make this collection stand out gracefully.

    Constructed with poplar solids and birch veneers. Complete youth collection available to order in-store!

    Finish shown here in a light mist grey finish. Also available in seashell white.

  • Amaranthine Leaner Mirror 70762 Silo

    Amaranthine Leaner Mirror

    $ 1,499.00 $ 1,326.55

    Stunning and sublime, this incandescent mirror is a fabulous accent to your sanctuary.

    Materials & Details

    Crafted from metal with a floating mirror design.


    Silver leaf

    Custom Options

    Available only as shown.

  • Thesbian Mirror 61881 Silo

    Antique beaded Mirror

    $ 599.00 $ 530.09

    Accentuated by a glamorous antique finish and perfectly aligned beads bordering the inner and outer frame, this mirror is simply stunning.

  • Apollo Wall Mirror 59955 Silo

    Apollo Accent Mirror

    $ 699.00 $ 618.58

    Featuring a geometrically inspired design, add shear brilliance to any room with the intricate details of this beautiful wall mirror.

  • Ascend Leaner Mirror 70753 Silo

    Ascend Leaner Mirror

    $ 999.00 $ 884.07

    Rustic and serene, this stylish leaner mirror makes a quaint accent in any home.

    Materials & Details

    Crafted from metal with a window frame design featuring decorative flowers.


    Distressed Grey

    Custom Options

    Available only as shown.

  • Auspice Landscape Mirror 59308 Silo

    Auspice Landscape Mirror

    $ 449.00 $ 297.00

    Exclusive to Decorium!

    Simply sublime and proudly made in Canada, this transitional mirror is made with expert craftsmanship in solid birch woods.

    Available only as shown

  • Balwin House Landscape Mirror 65770 Silo

    Baldwin House Landscape Mirror

    $ 699.00 $ 618.58

    Divulge in a contemporary fashioning of 18th century architecture combined with modern day design.

    Constructed from hardwood solids, accompanied by exquisite metal hardware and accent molding, the collection comes in a rubbed grey cherry finish and features elegant grain highlights on every piece.

    Accentuated by its detailed wooden trim, adding chic style to its practical nature, this truly alluring mirror is the perfect accent to a variety of home furnishing pieces, like dressers, cabinets, consoles, or whatever your heart desires.

    Finish only as shown.

    Click below to view the collection.

    | Baldwin House Dining |

    | Baldwin House Bedroom |

  • Bartley Mirror 69141 Silo

    Bartley Mirror

    $ 699.00 $ 618.58

    A classic style mirror with a rustic frame.

    Materials & Details

    Wood Frame



    Custom Options

    Available only as shown.

  • Bella Wall Mirror 60291 Silo

    Bella Wall Mirror

    $ 349.00 $ 308.85

    Featuring a clean simple design, inspired by old world cathedrals, this mirror makes a charming accent piece in any home.

    Materials & Details

    Slender smooth frame.


    Black Lacquer

    Custom Options

    Available only as shown.

  • Biscotti Mirror 64995 Silo

    Biscotti Metal Mirror

    $ 1,199.00 $ 1,061.06

    This rustic mirror is a stunning addition to a variety of home design concepts.

    Secured by a decorative metal frame, the piece features a gorgeous array of rounded mirrors, with an alluring distressed overlay.

    Available only a shown.