Not your Father’s old bar!

Steve Forberg CEO DecoriumGone are the days of old basement bars. Those mirrored walls with glass shelves displaying old, dusty liquor bottles. Back in the day, these bars were usually an embarrassment to the woman of the house, who couldn’t stand the sight of that wood-panelled monstrosity! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could marry a beautiful piece of furniture that mom would be happy to display in her living room and something functional where dad could store his liquor and paraphernalia?

Decorium has it all covered. Our collection of beautiful bar furnishings is currently being featured in our showroom, just in time for the upcoming holiday season! Our collection includes stunning armoires that can store and display everything you would have in a bar but can be closed when not in use. If space is minimal, we also feature smaller bar consoles that can accommodate your bottles and accessories.

You don’t have to compromise beautiful design for functionality. You can have it all. Whether your look is contemporary, modern or traditional, we have a bar unit that will fit into your décor and lifestyle.
You can incorporate your bar into your primary living spaces, living room, family room, etc. The bar no longer needs to be relegated to the basement, because now we’re talking about beautiful furniture.













A couple of questions from our readers: Mindi from North York asked us: “I’m concerned about my children having access to the bar unit. Do they come with locks?”
We’ve already thought about that. Most of the units have locking doors so you can lock up your bar unit safe and sound!

Steven from Thornhill sent us a great question too. He asked: “I like to keep my wine chilled, and in my basement bar, I had a bar fridge. How do I keep my wine cool with your bar units?”

Guess what, Steven? Some of the larger bar units also have refrigerators built right inside! It doesn’t get any more functional than that.