Musings – Finding vs shopping

Some call it shopping.

We call it finding. – Because the latter suggests a match, not a purchase.

Finding is discovering new things to love, joining the ones you already cherish.




Styles change, lamps change, rooms change. You switch them up, embellish them, adorn them and create a place for yourself, your friends, and your family.


Ethan Curio Cabinet 62203 RS


Your home should be and is as eclectic as you are worldly, bright, and or modern.

It changes and grows with your love, thoughtful design, and the inspiration that surrounds us.


Barbara Park Ent Console 62317 RS

And we keep finding, collecting, and sharing with one another…

For the thrill of the hunt, the constant pursuit of beautiful things.

Because the story of your home is never quite complete.

And because design is never done.

Article Written By: Lisba Selbo, Designer and manager at Decorium on Yonge. 

         [email protected]

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