Minimalism or Maximalism

We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the road, after more than a couple of years, or at least it looks like we are starting to see it. This affects everything we do in our lives. Renovating our home, always reflects what we are going through and how we are feeling about it. We have been spending time in our houses more than ever, and we experienced a situation that most of us never did before.

This has brought us to the point that more or less we all need a change of scenery. We all need to live in a place where we feel calm and comfortable, peaceful and beautiful. In the past, if you had a room full of furniture, very cluttered, it was a sign of wealth. Now, and after a lot of things happening in the World, we need to recalculate and think about how are we going to go on.

Although I truly believe that Minimalism is the way to go, somehow, we need to meet somewhere in the middle, because luckily, we are all different people. We find calmness and peace in different ways. We can still unclutter our rooms, by just getting the right amount of furniture, but we can mix it with patterns and colors that each of us prefers. So we still use minimalism but with some tips from Maximalism.

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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