Marshall Mattress

Marshall Mattress - Classic Indulgence - King Mattress with Box


The most important piece of furniture in anyone’s home is a Mattress.

A good night sleep gives you the energy and stamina for the day ahead.

Marshall mattress got it’s start by making mattresses for orthopedic patients in hospitals. Their main focus was and still is all about your muscular skeletal system, ie. your bones and muscles.

The Canadian Company that started more then 100 years ago, still stands as the no 1 mattress in the world.

Pocketed coils are the best when it comes to hand made coils. To cover them, Marshall uses the best fabrics out there like all natural cotton, wool, silk and linen.

Every style of mattress is different and made for the needs of your unique body structure.

Only a couple of stores are authorized to carry these amazing products, and Decorium is proudly one of them.

At Decorium, we have a beautiful mattress gallery, where we showcase a large variety of styles, from the original to the most sophisticated and unique Bespoke mattress.

Come give us a visit, lie down on a mattress and see which one suits your needs.

Good night and sweet dreams on a Marshall Mattress!


Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant at Decorium

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