Marble vs. Porcelain Dining Tables

You’re looking to upgrade your dining room and you think to yourself, what material do I want to go for this time? Immediately you think of durability, noticeable damages, and possible stains that never leave and now you’re torn between glass and wood. While both are great options, there are two others that are making a strong comeback, especially for kitchen tables, and it is important to know the differences and similarities of the two.

Marble and porcelain have been around for many years and are now becoming a very popular choice for a refreshing dining room. A dining table is the focal point of the room, you want to pick it right once and have it for many years to come, so there are many things to consider when choosing the right material for you.

While porcelain is a manmade product, it is often made to give a natural marble look. The process involves kiln-drying clay that is mixed with other inorganic materials for a long period (at a much higher temperature and longer time than ceramic), and completely sealing it with a special glaze for the finish. This process is what makes porcelain so durable, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and to top it off, heat resistant! This beautiful product makes it easy for you to enjoy your time at the dinner party or your everyday breakfast table, worry-free.

Speaking of beautiful, let’s look at marble and its features now. It is truly stunning and makes a statement, however like anything there are some important factors to consider when purchasing a marble table. Marble is all-natural and of course, is a pricier option compared to porcelain. While porcelain is very likely to be a thin slab, usually about ¼ inch, marble is thick and therefore a lot heavier. If you plan on moving your table around a lot, then I wouldn’t recommend it. If it’s there to stay and you’re happy with choosing one size, then go for it! You don’t generally see marble tables that come with leaf extensions hence it’s weight. Like porcelain, marble is very easy to clean, but it is a soft material and very porous, so it must be cleaned very often to avoid inviting a permanent home for stains. If you maintain it well, you will be living with this gorgeous stone for many years. Marble is also very unique due to its natural characteristics, don’t expect to see exactly what you saw in the store after your order and it arrives in your home. Your stone will be exclusive to you and your home.

Written By Newsha Hashemian
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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