Make a Statement in Your Home with the Colour Gray

Gray is coming back to the designer world in a big way! What’s now referred to as the “new neutral””, offers a chic twist to decor and makes the colour a perfect place to start when decorating your home!

While many consider gray to be a bland colour, when you look at it from a different angle it can actually convey a soothing presence. Its neutrality gives it a chance to work with many different colours. It’s a good choice for primary design as well as for accent pieces.

grey room inspirations

To make gray effectively work, it takes a little bit of play-around time. Think of the mood you want to convey, and then find the right combination of gray colours and textures to bring out that mood.

Below is a list of a few good places to start when applying gray to different spaces around your home:

  • Accessorize. Start by applying the colour to pieces such as a vase, a candlestick or a tray. This way you can get a good feel for the colour before committing to it in a big way.
  •  Make a fashion statement by combining a gray base colour together with bright accessories. Gray can give a room a feeling of old-time elegance, and when combined with a modern piece it can create an effective contrast.
  • Bring dimension to a gray palette by using a pattern. You can pair it with soft, padded textiles or incorporate a pattern like Moroccan trellis.
  •  You can dress up a room with stylish soft shades like blue to really bring out its neutrality.

Traditionally, people often use gray in the kitchen because it gives it a sense of cleanliness. Gray can also work well with appliances and cabinets. Sometimes it can really work well when choosing gray for a single section of the kitchen. This really gives the room a well defined contrast.

dark grey room inspirations

The bathroom is another good place to add grey. Typically it’s seen inside the shower on the walls or is used as floor tiles. Use a textured wall of grey tile and combine it with different neutral colors like a light coffee to create a unique look for the room. This can work to give the room a truly unique look.

If you don’t know where to start with the decor of your room, give gray a try. Start adding the colour in small doses – if you like it, continue on. If you think it’s enough as it is, start building pieces around it to make the colour pop in small places around your space.