Living In Colour

If you think of the way we describe certain emotions, seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy; there is no denying that colour and mood are linked. Slip on a tailored little black dress and you instantly feel chic and sexy. Pop open a sunny yellow umbrella on a gloomy day and some of that glow will rub off on you. In order to create the same feeling in your home, add some colour, or pops of colour to every room. Here are some colours and the moods they emit!


Eduard Accent Chair


Green  is a restful colour, relaxing and easy on the eyes




Orange provides a room with an energetic feel

Llewellyn Accent Chair 63406 Silo

Blue is calm and serene, perfect for adding relaxing touches to any room




Brown adds a warm and comfortable feeling to any room, from a den or family room to a bedroom


Jubilee Nest Chair


No other colour can provide the excitement and fire that red can add to your home décor


Purple Purple 2


Touches of purple throughout your home add sophistication and fun


Palmira 63386 F


Yellow adds sunshine to your life, your home and your spirit!


Article Written By: Anna Carullo, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

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