Less is More

The minimalist design trend is all about less is more. A curated room is relaxing as opposed to a cluttered room.  The monochromatic minimalist approach to interior design is my favourite. Minimalism is associated with simplicity, neutral colour palettes and clean lines.

Here are six tips for styling a minimalist room

1. Soft subdued colours, because it’s clean, fresh looking and creates a sense of calm.

2. Texture adds a comfort factor to the room for example, a Velvet chair or pillow.

3. Invest in stylish storage, like an accent chest or a storage ottoman.

4. Think multi purpose: add nesting tables to a living room or a bench for extra seating.

5. Accessorize using a sleek floor lamp instead of a heavy lamp on a side table.

6. Incorporate natural elements: place a potted palm tree in an empty corner to brighten up a space.

To summarize the steps to create a minimalist room:

Keep it simple, use a soft colours, declutter and have less stuff with more interest.

When done well, minimalist design can be beautiful, warm, rich and inviting.

Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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