Industrial Style Decor

Originating in the United States at the time of the 1950’s, the industrial style burst on the scene as a trend of artists and bohemians of the time. Spawning out of the city, motivated by the need to find ample space in which to live and carry out their activities at the same time, people began to settle in abandoned factories, taking full advantage of the space and the existing decor. This accidentally gave rise to the style currently known today as industrial; and eventually evolved into today’s industrial/urban design.

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The essence of this style is to show elements that have a factory appearance. The first thing that we will bear in mind is that we should not hide or try to smooth building materials. Displaying the bare structure shows the nobility of the materials that make up the piece, creating essential and characteristic features that define the style.

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In clear view, iron beams, unfinished brick walls or flush piping are common features used to create the factory effect. Many of these metals are present or replicated in furniture, lighting and all kinds of accessories, making it easier for people to achieve different levels of the style. To land farther on the urban side of the spectrum, it’s ideal to accompany metals with natural wood and matte finishes; to emphasize warmth and comfort by offsetting the strong presence of metallic materials. Leather and recycled materials also fit well with this style.

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When incorporating color with industrial decor, make sure it does not distract too much attention away from the natural allure of the raw materials used in your pieces. Shades of  white, black, gray, beige and brown are typically good accents to the primary materials generally used in urban and industrial pieces.

If you want to decorate your home with this style, and create a space with unique character, come visit us, and together we will find the best solution for your home.


Article Written by Carolina Remar,

Design Consultant at Decorium on  Supertest, 

[email protected]

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