How to Design Your Dining Space to Stimulate Everyone’s Appetite!

Dining is always enjoyable but it can be simply sensational when served with stunning home décor!

The look of your dining space can amplify the appetite of your guests and create a more satisfying ambiance. When planning your dining decor, whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply dining with the family, here are a few things to keep in mind to get others to eat more generously:


Plan the dining room from the ground up. If you need to replace the existing floor, there are many options to choose from. Hardwoods, ceramic tile and slate are all good options for a more natural, timeless look. An accent rug is much easier to clean or replace than a fully carpeted room. Remember, a space that is not easily cleaned is not very practical!


Comfortable chairs and a large table are essential ingredients to serving up great décor in the dining area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match chairs for a more personalized, transitional look.

For the table itself, make sure that the table size can expand to accommodate a larger party or shrink to become an intimate table for two. A sideboard or serving buffet is also a luxurious addition for beautiful food presentation.


Softer, more romantic lighting is ideal. An ambiance that makes everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed – because hey, let’s face it, we all look better under softer lighting – can really whet our appetites! Wall sconces can also be a fantastic addition to your lighting plan and, of course, a few candle lights. Softer lighting will create that attractive atmosphere that makes everyone feel more satisfied and fulfilled throughout the meal.


In the dining room, vivid, deep colours can actually help stimulate appetite and conversation. Reds, spicy oranges and burgundies are excellent colour choices to warm things up. When setting a table, remember a darker colour palette will actually make the food appear more appealing. Some hues, however, sway a person to feel less hungry, such as greys and blues, and should be avoided at the table if you want your friends and family to eat heartily.


Accessories in the dining room are important because they increase the food’s appeal and connect the food with the surroundings.

Artwork appropriate for the dining space and style of décor is always a great idea. Art that depicts oversized wine bottles or a collection of black and white photographs of famous restaurants around the world are appropriate.

On a sideboard, perhaps arrange a wine bottle with a collection of glasses, with a bowl of fruit, oversized grapes or faux grape vines.

A dining room should always reflect a feeling of comfort, closeness, and sophistication. When you serve good dining décor in your home, you can actually make guests feel more at home, increase their appetites and help to stimulate conversation with the right elements. It’s what we all want!


Design advice by Alla Wolfson at Decorium