How to decorate your room on a budget

Spring is the perfect time to redecorate and revamp your house, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! Check out these quick tips on how to decorate your room on a budget and you’ll be saving with style.

1. Create open space, it is more appealing.

Get rid of the bigger and bulkier pieces, or move them away to a different location of the house.

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2. Add new lighting fixtures, brighter and clear lighting will bring your house to life again.


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3. Install a few mirrors, they will reflect the light and instantly make the room look bigger and brighter.


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4. Small accessories, like throws and pillows will help to brighten your space as well.

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5. Rugs are very important to bring the whole picture together.

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Article Written By Alla Wolfson,

Design Consultant at Decorium, on Supertest,

[email protected]

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