How to Select a Colour Scheme for Your Room


Here are some tips to help you when it comes to selecting a colour scheme for your room.

  • Go by the Golden Ratio rule 10/30/60. Separate the room by choosing a colour for 60% of what you see when you enter the room. For example, the floor and the walls. 30% for the next color, let’s say the furniture; and 10% for any accent pieces and bright statement colours.
  • If you are looking for visually appealing and striking colour combinations then choose colorus that are complementary to each other. Meaning, these would be found opposite to each other on the colour wheel. A good example is green and purple!
  • If, however, you wanted a more casual and laid back feel to your space, then go for analogous colours. This means choosing colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel. Green and yellow, or blue and purple are good examples.
  • If you’re looking to add a bright colour to the walls in your space, consider adding that same colour to the floor as well. Meaning, find a rug that has a splash of that bright colour that you chose for your wall!
  • Generally, cool colours appear to the human eye as receding, while warm colours tend to come towards you. If you are moving into a new condo and feel like the space looks a little small, paint the walls blue!
  • Add black. Adding black to your room, especially if filled with a lot of bright colours, will remove that “childish” element that you may not like about those colours and will give it a more sophisticated feel.
  • There are a lot of you out there who prefer a more neutral palette and that’s completely normal! It is very possible to create an appealing look just using neutral tones. Don’t forget that neutral also means warm golds and camel browns. Use them to spice up your nude scheme!


Article Written By: Tala Hakeem

Design Consultant at Decorium

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