Highlight: Amanda Forrest decorates Jonathan Bernier’s condo, featuring Decorium products!

Decorium products were recently featured on The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Jonathan Bernier’s Condo Makeover

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Gold Medal Home

A designer’s dream is to walk into a home, a completely blank slate and have free reign. That’s just what happened when Toronto Maple Leaf’s gold medal winning goalie, Jonathan Bernier and his fiancée Martine asked Amanda Forrest to help decorate their brand new condo.

Since the couple just bought the place, which is completely empty at this point, and are expecting their first child together, they’ve got a few more needs than most of Amanda’s clients.

They want their space to be cozy and home, not cold. Plus, it should be baby friendly as they plan on moving in just after the little one is born.

Since Amanda wasn’t given too much direction she took Jonathan shopping to get a sense of what he liked. A few things that made the list include skulls, a sectional sofa, large art pieces, dark woods and a pool table.

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