Helpful Furniture Tips

There are so many ways to decorate a home, and for those who are design challenged, it can get very confusing very fast. Sometimes following a step by step guide isn’t necessarily ideal, because everybody likes a different style. Sure you can apply guides to multiple styles, but that can take a lot of the personal connection out of your decor. Often people know what they are looking for, but need some helpful furniture tips to spark the AH HA moment!

Below are some of those tips that don’t require you to follow a step by step guide, and provide you the freedom figure out your home.

Accent pillows go along way

Mix different sized prints and patterns in your colour scheme.  It’s a simple way to pull a room together.

Corey Chair 60976 Silo 7

Books are objects

Stack them on a coffee table or display them on a console.  They add colour, texture and interest to a room and inject a dose of your taste and personality.

Steinway Coffee Table 66967 Silo

Hanging art

Hanging art too high is a common design error. Ideally, the center should be about 57″ to 60″ above the floor. If you are hanging art over furniture, allow 3 to 6″ of wall space above a sofa or headboard.

Windsor Green RS 2

Avoid impulse buying

Plan your room in advance, colour, positioning, etc.  Avoid spending money on items that don’t work. It’s better to have a plan for the room and buy items that you want. because you can purchase as much or as little as you desire – and at least you’ll have a vision for the complete room.

Using Symmetry

Another quick way to make a room look pulled together is to place a matching pair of lamps on night stands or end tables or behind a sofa.

Felix Queen Bed 68150 RS

A headboard makes a good focal point

It also makes a bedroom look finished.  It’s a good starting point to base your decorating scheme around.

Laila Complete King Bed 68043 Silo

Consider a statement rug or art piece

Allow a beautifully patterned rug or piece of art to be the starting point for your decorating scheme.  It’s a quick way to establish a colour palette as well as a mood for your room.

Loft Haze Rug 62799 025 RS

Create an everyday centrepiece for your dining table.

Consider items like a ceramic flower, black wire flower, or a decorative bowl.

Fresh flowers bring a space to life, but need to be replaced… that being said, greenery is the cheapest and easiest way to add colour and vibrancy to a room.

Sawyer Coffee Table 63801 RS2

Group objects in odd numbers

When creating a vignette, group items in threes.  You can style a coffee table by putting a tray on the top with a variety of interesting items, like a coffee table book, a fresh orchid or a candy dish.

Antique Glass Bottle 2 66813 RS

Consider your sight lines

In an open concept space it is important that colours flow.

Oslo White RS

Have fun and good luck achieving the best results for your home!

Article Written by: Ellen Zworth

Design consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

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