We invest in furniture to make our homes inviting and cozy, spending time and money to make it beautiful.
At the same time we always wish to keep our pieces looking as new as possible, and to have them as long as possible!
One of the ways to do this, probably the most important way, is to ensure that the furniture is protected if anything happens.
That’s where our coveted protection plan comes into play!
Guardsman covers all accidental damage!
All spills, food stains, tears, rips and brakes that happen by accident (because we wouldn’t want to harm the furniture on purpose!), will be covered!
Guardsman will repair as many times as needed, and if’s not possible to repair, the piece(s) will be replaced.
Like most insurance policies, until it needs to be used, you’re investing in peace of mind!
Enjoy and use your furniture with the assurance that you are covered!
Article Written By: Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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