Goldilocks and the Three Chairs – Stressless Innovative Recliners

Goldilocks and the Three ChairsRemember “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? How the big daddy chair was too high, the middle-sized mommy chair was too soft and the baby chair was just right?

Stressless, just like in the story, makes their recliners in Small, Medium and Large sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Each built with 40 years of comfort technology, their incredible seat innovations can help you get more comfortable than you’ve ever felt before. Available in fabric and leather, with alternate finish options and many accessories, you can really customize and design the ideal recliner for your home.

Stressless products are originally designed in Norway to be the most comfortable reclining system in the world. The patented Stressless glide system automatically adjusts to balance you perfectly in every position with ease. The reason the Stressless chair is so uniquely comfortable is that it is designed to be orthopedically correct, with full lumbar support, even in the upright position. These recliners relax quietly as you recline, automatically and gradually with no button to push or levers to pull. The headrest moves to support your head, and with just one adjustment, you can easily lay the headrest flat for optimum comfort when you want to rest, recline or even sleep.

Leather and Fabric Options

Stressless uses only superior leathers and fabrics. There are four leather grades. Batick is a great entry-level choice for families with children and pets. It’s easy to clean and breathes well. Classic is extremely durable and easy to care for. Paloma is buttery and soft to the touch, with a more natural look. It reveals the unique scars and wrinkles nature has imprinted on the hide. Royalin leather is the highest end leather, even softer than Paloma, with a rich grain pattern.

Alternate Colours and Finishes

There is a wide array of colour choices to choose from as well as different wood finishes for the base of the recliner and ottoman. From monochromatic shades, to light pastels, even hot pink and azure blue, you can really make your recliner any way you wish!

Wide Selection of Styles

Stressless recliners come in traditional, transitional and modern designs, so it is easy to choose a design that fits any room décor. To explore all the different styles, you can visit the Ekornes website. As one of the few retailers here in Canada, we are pleased to order any Stressless item as it is available on your behalf.

So come to Decorium and a Stressless expert will help you choose the chair of your dreams, that is just right for you!


Ellen Zworth

Stressless Expert at Decorium