Gold for Winter

In December, we live winter here in the northern hemisphere. With this, the colour that is more evident in nature is white, from snow, which covers the green of the trees.

To keep warm, it is common to light fires outdoors and fireplaces indoors. Therefore, the gold and red of fire are colours that are linked to this time of year.

Traditionally, these are the colours of Christmas. What few people know is that there is a reason for choosing these colours at this time of year. Each has a meaning, passed on for generations.

Gold represents the sun, light, and presence of the divine. And it has a very beautiful meaning, which is generosity, giving gifts. One of the gifts that The Three Wise Men brought to Jesus at birth was gold, in addition to incense and myrrh.

Of course you can have gold in your home decor, not just for the tree. Countless accessories such as bowls, artwork, candlesticks, mirror frames, and even some pieces of furniture will make your home the perfect haven for Christmas.

Here at Decorium, we have numerous options of golden accessories that will make your home beautiful and ready for parties. Welcome!


Written By Henrique Morais
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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