For the LOVE of Mirrors

Mirrors are and have been for a very long time considered a staple in any modern home and interior setting. Both functionally and aesthetically, mirrors can play a vital role in creating and circling energy within a space. Yes, in terms of function, we rely on a good mirror to help complete our look before rushing out into the world. While at the same time, with strategic placement, mirrors can add depth and brighten most interior spaces, as it reflects light and will help make your space feel more open.


In a conventional setting, mirrors are most commonly used in the bedroom pairing with a vanity set and floor mirrors within proximity of the wardrobe. Bathrooms and entranceways are another main location, which, work best when accented with good lighting. In the end, their presence can be subtle or elevated into a dramatic story. Either way, it is a great avenue to consider and have fun with when decorating your space.


The evolution of how mirrors are being used has changed in the mainstream market. Not only is it still trendy to use mirrors as wall décor, but also gallery walls are becoming a thing! Mixing and matching different sizes and style adds a bit of eclectic and personal flare, yet carries so much functional weight. Frames vary in shape, texture, size, and finish, just to name a few characteristics. These details can provide something for you and your guests to admire, while you admire yourself and admire your beautiful smile!


Written By Amanda Narain
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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