Five Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful, Vibrant Space

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535321.      Artwork and Wall Decor – Select wall décor that relates to the room’s theme or style. This can found in the colours used, the energy displayed in the imagery, the memories the work evokes. If you have multiple pieces, group them together in an interesting array. Artwork is the fastest way to create striking focal points in a room, with vitality and vigor, that always brings out so much personality.

547502.      Toss Pillows – Toss pillows with vibrant colours and patterns, are a fabulous and fun way to introduce wow factor to a room. Be brave and select patterns and textures that are unique and trendy. The designs should make you smile!

3.      Lighting – Lighting is incredibly important and will set the tone for the living space.   Depending on the room, make sure to choose a light fixture that creates the mood you are trying to achieve, for that space. If the room needs to be brighter, decide whether you want light to bounce indirectly off the ceilings. Think about whether a pendant or shimmering chandelier would add the right ambiance. If you like to sit under a table or floor lamp in the space, make sure you include one as part of the room design. Whatever you decide, for more intimate evenings, dimmers are an absolute must, whether it is the bedroom, dining or living room!

530294.      Mirrors – Mirrors reflect light and will make your room feel larger and brighter instantly. Select a shape that flatters the décor and height of the ceiling. Think about the size(s) you might need. Round-shaped mirrors are perfect for breaking up too many right angles. Long, rectangular mirrors are great for creating an illusion of higher ceilings. Interesting, geometric mirrors can also add that extra light and dynamism the room might need.

5.      Flowers – Fresh or artificial, flowers will always be a beautiful way to soften and add a more organic look. Choose the flowers that suit the style you have created. By bringing a taste of the outdoors inside, your home will feel more relaxed, fresh and full of life!

Design Advice by Renata Biala, Design Consultant Decorium