Fitting Furniture

Before you buy furniture you always have make sure it’s going to fit your space, and that you’ll be able to get it through the house. For example, if you are buying a sofa for your living room, make sure to measure your front door of the house so you can determine if the sofa will fit through the door. You also should measure the space between any walls and hallways you’ll be passing through, before going to your living room, so you won’t have any unexpected problems. Lastly, measure the room you’re furnishing from wall to wall so you can get an accurate estimation of what you can put where. For Example, in a family or living room, the TV and sofa need to be a calculated distance apart in order to get the maximum quality of use. If you measure you’re space before hand, you will know what size sofa to get, how big of a TV the room can handle and how you want to everything to be placed.

For more information on how to measure furniture to fit your home, check out our measuring guide here.


Article Written By: Raffaele Martino
Design Specialist At Decorium
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