Finding Your Home Design Style – Fashion Influence on Design


One of the most common concerns I encounter with a number of clients is that they’re not sure what their ‘Design Style’ is, when it comes to choosing furnishings for their home.  My advice to them is simply this…”Look In Your Closet”.

While not an exact science, most Interior Design experts have discovered that the fashions we choose to wear – fabrics, colours, patterns, and accessories – are a great indicator of how we like to live our lives and what makes us feel most comfortable.

Fashion apparel is a simple blueprint for influencing what happens aesthetically in our home decor.  It can show if you prefer a linear, modern look or if you lean more towards curves, as well as your colour preference such as soft neutrals or bold colours.  Looking at your choice of jewelry can also show if you prefer the cool chrome and silver metallic finishes or warm golds and bronzes; or if you like to mix it up for an eclectic look.

When trying to find your Home Design Style, yes it can be as simple as Looking In Your Closet!

Just remember that, both in Fashion and Home Decor, it’s important to find a style and trend that allows you to express yourself freely and shows off your unique taste.


November 15th 2019
Article Written By Beatrice Espinola 

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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