Fall Colour Trends 2016 – Sneak Peak

We may not want to believe it, but accept it we must…  Summer is coming to an end and fall has practically begun.  Everywhere we look, we see it…”Back-to-School” sales, summer items on clearance racks, and in their place, the latest in fall fashions and home décor.


No need to panic, or wallow while storing away that bathing, because here’s a ‘heads-up’ on this fall’s trends on colour, texture, and finishes!


Colorwise, in addition to the normal fall earth tones of greens and scenic browns, the Fall 2016 palette is being led by the Blue family.  Sky Blues gives us a sense of airiness, while Grayish blues provide us with a feeling of tranquility.  Introducing pops of vibrant red, purple, and mustard yellow add warmth and an exotic touch to your space.

Royale Bar Cabinet 66393 Silo 3

As always, there is reoccurrence of the use of fur, both real and faux.  The difference this year? It’s appearance in bold colours and patterns.

Cube Ottoman Teal

While metallic finishes are always a standout in any décor, this fall Gold is definitely making a strong return to fashion and home décor.

Sama Coffee Table 68337 Silo

All in all, it appears we’re definitely going to be having an exciting fall season to come with fantastic deals and exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else, making this season a great time to go shopping!!


 Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium On Supertest

[email protected]

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