How to effectively stylize odd corner spaces


With a little bit of creativity and imagination, every odd corner in your home can be transformed into something purposeful. Corners can be cleverly occupied and used, or totally awkward and wasted. Eliminate the awkward and make sure your corners are serving you as best they can.

Below are few effective furniture and or accents which you can add to your odd corner spaces, to make them more functional or simply to just stylize the space and not leave it empty.

Stylize with unique accents:

Uniquely styled accents can be part of these corner spaces, which can make bold statement to the dead space. Area around the staircases are either curved or straight angled, however, placing a round curved chaise or a bench with an accent table or lamp can simply add life to this corner.

Gallery of picture frames:

An interesting collage can be created with the use of family picture frames or abstracts frames, with the extension of frames on both the sides of a corner wall. Combining with bold colorful wall art within the collage, or a clock, can be an interesting eye-catching addition.

Indoor plants:

Either one oversized indoor plant or a set of three with different heights or size can also be a great space filling addition. Tall plants create a beautiful scale around the staircase area, while grouping small plants together, makes a beautiful home garden.

Building corner with shelving units:

Shelving units stretched on either sides of the corner wall can add convenient storage space as well as a pretty accent display wall. Putting a shelf in your kid’s room can be a useful storage tool, while placing it in the library or home office can make it a wonderful display shelf.

Article Written By: Rajvi Patel

Design Consultant at Decorium

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