Eclectic Styling Done Right!

Eclectic Done Right

Eclectic spaces are a combination of styles that work cohesively based on common elements in the furniture, accessories and textiles. Throughout the years we can inherit precious pieces from loved ones, pick up objects from our travels or just simply have a difficult time letting go of odds and ends. I know I am completely guilty of trying to keep everything, but really, we simply can’t!

To accommodate everything, new and sentimental, can be very challenging. Sometimes, these collectibles do not quite match, and together, they can start to look like clutter. An eclectic space has to feel harmonious.

All you need to do is find a common thread in the pieces you want to keep. This theme could be almost anything: What catches your eye? Pay close attention to the details in the furniture and accessories such as shape, scale / proportion, colour and texture when deciding if that piece will work harmoniously with the rest of the items in the space. Add accessories if you need to and move furniture around to see whether a few items might look better if they were positioned in a new way. Keep The Elements and Principles of Design in mind. In the end, the space has to feel right and complement you!


Written by Design Consultant Lina Caramanna, Decorium