Distinguish Your Dining Space and Think Occasions Ahead

Mill Street Dining Room Table The dining room is one of the most beautiful, elegant areas in your home. You can decorate and design this space in incredibly personal, unique ways. Whether you are someone with specific traditional tastes or one who believes in more modern ways, suit yourself with whichever you think defines your sense of style. Take a look at all the options and choose your dining room furniture with care.

Take a virtual step into the future and look around your home. Selecting the right kind of furniture will depend directly on the space you have and the ways in which you, your family, friends and guests will use it. Focus on those occasions and try to figure out how you can better adapt.

Dining for Large Gatherings

If you are only going to use this space occasionally, to host parties or large gatherings, then you need to plan the layout very carefully. There has to be enough room to dine, serve and store things away. A few suggestions:

    • Select a table that can make room for everyone at the table. A long, extendible dining table will be crucial. This table can have removable table leaves you can extend as needed. Or, many tables nowadays can tuck away their extensions underneath and be pulled out as needed.
    • Have access to plenty of storage space. Use your vertical space as often as you can. Your guests will need to walk around. A tall buffet with hutch is always a fantastic storage solution. You can also use a door cabinet or curio, not only to display your valuables, but to let others know where to find those extra glasses or plates!
    • Keep the serving spaces clear of clutter. Although it is tempting to decorate and store items on the top of a buffet or console table, resist the urge. It is actually best to keep the top of the serving area clear at all times. To free up space, you can always mount decorations on the wall or install shelving units above.

Especially with larger groups, the array of furniture is better when it is more classically-inspired, to evoke an essence of timelessness and exotica for everyone. There should be an element of escape, with an obvious sense of grandeur in the air when you enter the dining room. This little thrill will keep your guests visually engaged, refreshing their spirits in greater ways.

Dining for Small Gatherings

If the dining area is used more frequently for smaller get-togethers, you will need to focus on creating closer comfort and intimacy. Here are a few recommendations:

    • Select a table where everyone can speak with each other. A round or square pedestal table is ideal, since the chairs will easily fit around the table. Keep the size of the table smaller in scale. Everyone should be able to speak with each other easily. No one should need to reach very far for the pepper or salt!
    • Have dining chairs that encourage more conversation. To make people feel cozier, you can have chairs with higher backs or wings on the sides. This will get everyone to focus more intimately with each other.
    • Choose furniture with more subtle, sophisticated elements. When accommodating smaller groups, guests pay greater attention to the smaller details in the room. Textures, colours, materials used are more noticeable. To make the room feel subtly tailored and more refined, you can select chairs with nailhead detailing, cabinetry with more exposed texture or ornate hardware, furniture with accents of silver or gold, etc.
    • Incorporate more mirrors. Seeing reflections in a room can help create greater intimacy. By hanging a mirror or two, leaning one against a wall, or having the buffet covered, the silver in glass can add luxury and elegance instantly.

With smaller groups, encouraging warmth and increased sense of familiarity is essential. An easy way to create this kind of comfort is to play on existing elements in your living room and kitchen, with similar colour schemes, using lighter or darker shades. Then, with those more tailored elements incorporated in the design of each piece as suggested, the dining room will feel subtly different from the rest of the home, but give more formal appeal.

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As every home uses distinctive kinds of styles, designs, patterns, colours and shades, the perfect blend of aesthetics is incredibly important to suit your family and personal needs. With a little ingenuity and forward-thinking, these beautiful combinations can be achieved. Particularly with the dining room, we all want to get formal, but we still need to dine in ease.