Designing A Productive Work Space


Designing a productive work space starts with the help of a good design consultant. This blog was designed to prepare you before you embark on your journey.

If you’re seeking help to design a productive space for yourself or someone you know, it’s important to be sure that the sales person helping you knows what they are doing!

When designing a productive work space, there is always more than one way to configure your furniture, and usually more than one use for the room.\

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That’s why at Decorium, we feel it is important to discuss all the different activities and needs you want the room to provide. Our design consultants are trained to help you figure out the best action plan, and bring to light anything else to consider, that you may have not thought about.

Pushy is not our thing! Though casual conversation, people will divulge clues into their lifestyle, how many people will use the room, the age of the occupants, if there are any pets in the family, frequency of use and more. We are all dedicated to learning about our clients and have helped many people crate a sanctuary they couldn’t even imagine.

Once we collect the all the information, we are ready to provide the client with some design options they might like for the room in question. With pictures of furniture, floor plans and our room planner, we can show you endless configurations and work with you to design the best option for your home.


Article Written By: Adriana Glait

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest 

[email protected]

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