Why Design to The Min When You Can Design To The Max

Maximalist design is not a new decorating trend. Wealthy people throughout history have loved to show off their stuff. When it comes to maximalist design , it’s all about excess, decadence, and extravagance.

Maximalist decorating is all about:

Bold saturated colours to give energy to the room

Unique architectural shapes like coffee tables, mirrors,

chairs, sofas, lamps

Lots of textures and patterns

Lots of layering

High impact pieces

It’s all about creating an interesting  mix for the eye to enjoy and express your personality with excess.

3 ways to incorporate this trend:

Have a “Wow “ piece in the room. Your eye needs to focus on something to create a sense of Big. For example an oversized piece of art.

Create a packed bookshelf with a collection of books

Decorate your walls with lots of mixed art

Take things you love and layer them on a coffee table -books, candles, vases on a tray

Make your maximalist design homey with plush fabrics rich in colour and many patterned toss pillows

Enjoy decorating the MAX!

Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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