Decorium Meets Modern Furniture Trends

As the decorators of our time look to Pinterest Photo Boards for design inspirations and search YouTube for DIY tutorials, the desire for custom interiors is growing quickly. With access to designer style guides and insider tips at their fingertips, our clients are now considering more than ever what is current and trendy when updating their spaces. Decorium has considered some of the top modern furniture trends to assist the decoratively savvy in finding exactly what they are looking for.

Classic Mixed with a Modern Twist

A huge trend in modern furniture right now is classic pieces with fresh fabrics to update outdated looks. Decorium’s Wyndham Accent Chair is the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary. This French bergere chair has a detailed, finished drift oak frame, but is patterned with bright citrine fabrics that would be suitable for accenting and customizing a variety of different areas around the home.

Another Decorium classic piece with a modern twist is our Clayton Sofa. Our sofa features an intricate, sculpted base with stunning four-post arms. Its neutral fabrics meet contrasting patterned pop and detailing for just the right amount of refurbished timeless style.

Minimalist Functionality

Cluttery spaces are entirely unacceptable in 2013. Our Aeon Convertible Love Seat is crisp and clean, meeting the non-chaotic minimalist standards, but also practical as it is a space saver that converts into a sleeper.

Wrapped Furniture

Decorium’s August Accent Chest is neutral in colour and appropriate in any living area. However, the seemingly traditional chest is wrapped entirely in studding, which gives this modern furniture piece a texturized effect ensuring it is visually appealing for any eye.

Statement Pieces

Modern furniture with stripes

Decorium carries a Beatles Sofa – which is exactly as it sounds. Our striped loveseat (stripes are also a huge modern furniture trend this season) features an image of the members of the band. This custom sofa is a great conversation piece and perfect for a home designer who wants to add extraordinary elements into each individually designed space.

Weathered Kitchen

Our Darya Table (that is on sale presently!) is a reclaimed oak top kitchen table with four elegant stainless steel legs. The table is designed to look “well used,” while it is sophisticated enough to fit tastefully within any sparkling kitchen.

Masculine Practicality

As the tradition goes, women are the makers of all things pretty and men simply must stay away – not anymore. There has been a heightened interest in men over the past few years to contribute with refurnishing and designing their homes. Decorium’s Campden Swing Queen Bed is a masculine piece of modern furniture with functionality. The bed features two drawers for storage, stands on four-poster and is smoothly designed to avoid the fluff and fuss of bulky beds.

Decorium is here to help with all of your design needs. Come on down to our Toronto Yonge Street Showroom to become more informed and inspired.