Decorating Using The Colour Green

’It’s Not Easy Being Green’  Decorating Using The Colour Green_

Decorating with the colour Green may seem a little intimidating, but it’s actually one of the most soothing colours to the human eye and it’s the easiest to create a variety of moods in any room.

The colour Green has the ability to be warm or cool; introduce a sense of calm or excitement; and to bring the outdoors and nature into your home.

Here are a few great colour combinations to help inspire you to use Green in your home:

– Mossy green and soft blue – brings in notes from nature such as the forest and the sky.

– Kelly green and white – creates a bright, fun, crisp look.  Great for the kitchen and living room.

– Sea-foam green and chocolate brown – creates a restful spa-like feel.  Great for the bathroom or bedroom.

– Lime green and soft pink – creates a light-hearted, playful look.  Perfect for anything from a bathroom to a child’s room.

Use it in small doses for Accent – such as in painted trim work, area rugs, pillows, accessories, or in natural florals and plants.


Go Bold and decorate an entire room in Green for a chic, timeless look.  Paint your walls green and then layer in various other shades of green throughout the room using patterns and textures on fabrics and furniture.

With so many wonderful options like rich emerald, earthy moss, calming sage, and bright Kelly, it’s no wonder the colour Green is a favourite of designers’ to decorate with.

So, however you choose to use Green in your home; whatever the mood you’re trying to create, Don’t Be Afraid…it’s actually QUITE EASY BEING GREEN!!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium

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