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What is a gallery wall? Many people would answer this question by simply saying, “A photo collage of friends and family.” While this is a correct answer, it is not the only one. A gallery wall can consist of framed photos of anyone or anything. It can be made up of an assortment of frames of all shapes, sizes and colours. They can even be customized for any interests or hobbies.

This week’s décor tip is for the world travellers, the adventurous hearts and the culture buffs. There are only so many jars of sand and sea shells that can be collected and displayed tastefully. However, there are an endless amount of photos that can be taken to commemorate your vacation memories. In order to add style and flair as well as sentiment to your gallery wall, add a framed map printout to display the places you have visited. Whether, you create an entire gallery of maps, or a printout in addition to family photos, this is a great way to highlight your adventures, while staying simple and budget friendly!

Township-of-York-Map---Artwork Tinted-Map-of-New-York---Artwork

map Decroium-Products-Vintage-Map-of-New-York---Artwork



Decor tip of the week written by: Anna Carullo, Design Consultant at Decorium Furniture

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