Cozy Up to Winter!


Francois Wing Chair SKU 043678It’s hard to imagine ever feeling warm again during the long, cold months of winter, but you can banish winter’s chill with these décor tips to help your home feel cozy and warm!Ward off the chill of the evening by investing in a Wingback or Easy chair. These classic pieces are designed to trap the warmth of a fire and to protect one from drafts. It is an essential piece for reading on a snowy winter’s eve, and now comes in a variety of styles, from a lowered back with a structured, modern look to the traditional high back version with its curves and rolled arms.Accessory Books 

Change up the lighting in the space by adding a lower- wattage or softer-hue bulb, such as pink, to cast a warm glow. This is oh-so-important during the winter as daylight is scarce. Add a second tier of lighting, to create a softer ambiance, such as table or side lamps rather than harsh, overhead lighting. Don’t forget to add task lighting for many people’s favourite winter hobby: Reading! Leaving stacks of books and magazines on the coffee table or beside a favourite chair ensures an afternoon of cocooning and time well spent.


Accent any room with candlelight to add a romantic glow by using a flameless candle that boasts a realistic flickering flame, but one that is safe, too. Create uniformity by using candles in the same colour family, and if you prefer wax candles, then choose a scented one to imbue a comforting scent, even reminiscent of your mom’s kitchen.

Cozy and warm


Faux fur pillows and throws add texture and softness and foster a coziness that begs one to sit down and cuddle up. Shades of winter white and cream mimic the snow outside without bringing in the chill. Create intimacy by grouping furniture closer together for cozier conversations by the fire or media hub. By placing the furniture grouping around a luxurious rug, this will create a focal point while keeping your tootsie’s nice and toasty.


As a final touch, add a of hint greenery, such as a bouquet of yellow or warm white roses to add a lush and lively layer. Be sure to avoid any holiday-themed plants such as a poinsettia, which will make a room look tired and weary.

Follow these tips and ride out the winter months in coziness and style.


Design Advice by Ame Weatherup, Design Consultant Decorium