How To Choose a Living Room Sofa For Your Home

The decision to add a sofa or sectional sofa in your living space is an exciting decision. A place to sit comfortably with family to watch tv or have a social gathering with some friends is a start to having an idea about the kind of sofa you’re looking for?

So here are a couple of things to consider when deciding on what sofa to add to your home.

Who is going to use the sofa? 

So how many people are going to be using the sofa on a regular basis and what is the average number of people sitting or lying on it daily? Are your family members young or old and what is their average height? Do they prefer sitting, sleeping, or jumping! 

What kind of space are you working with and what dimensions are you considering? 

Is the sofa going in the living room beside a fireplace or a corner? Maybe you’re looking for a sectional that will fit in your basement for the teenagers in the house. It’s advisable to measure the length and width of the space where the sofa will be going as well as the door openings so the furniture can be delivered into the space easily. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of the space as well, which will be helpful when you make any store visits.

What style is your space and what feeling are you trying to create?

The thought of a living room brings many images of comfort and casual seating, which is great. Home styles vary in look and feel. A comfortable home can also be modern, classic, or have a contemporary vibe to it. So, what is your home style and how do you want your sofa to look in the space? For instance, some arms on the sofa are customizable and can be curved or straight. The length of the arms whether full length or two-thirds is another preference to think about. How firm do you like your seating, is the foam cushioning of the seats and back firm or soft and do you prefer feather or foam filling?

What fabric are you considering for upholstery? 

A sofa can be in fabric or leather. When family members are younger, I expect the fabric will have its share of wear and incidents so a durable fabric that is both stylish with your space, and durable is something to consider. Some sofa fabrics come pre-treated against spills while other fabrics come with a protection certificate that ensures you have a backup plan in case of any accidental issues. Generally, the choice of a good durable fabric that will endure and also maintain the look of the sofa is highly recommended, and of course a complimenting color to your home style and design. 

These are some of the items to consider when making the choice of buying a sofa or sectional sofa for your living space. I hope you find the sofa that is right for your home and family and Happy Shopping! 

Written By Nancy Elhalbawy
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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  1. I love the post! Been thinking about making a change in my living room and these are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!


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