Ceramic Top Tables: A Finish As Easy To Care As Is Wonderful

Have you ever heard of furniture with a ceramic top finish?

That’s right: dining tabletops, coffee tables, consoles, and sideboards, all with ceramic tops. Ceramics is an artificial material, which requires an industrial process. Its composition takes clay, mixed with other inorganic materials to give the appearance of marble. It is dried and enamelled to form a finished surface that is completely sealed.

They are beautiful, easy to maintain (which is simply wonderful because it makes everyday life so much easier), very durable, highly stain resistant and have a stunning design and very high quality. In other words, thanks to the high technology involved in its process, it is possible to offer the beauty of a marble-looking top, without high maintenance, after all, it is not porous like natural stone.

You can be sure that ink, food, drink, and other substances that you would normally have palpitations of if they were near the table surface are unlikely to stain a ceramic tabletop. Here at Decorium Furniture, we have numerous ceramic furniture options with sophisticated and modern design. Come visit us!

Written By Henrique Morais
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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