A cozy Corner


A cozy Corner

The Doctor of Relaxation has noted that the cold weather is here and it’s time to make your cozy corner! Create one in your home with one of our stunning chaise lounge, a couple of decorative toss pillows and a throw. Get ready to kick back and relax by a fire or in a corner of your bedroom, there is a spot to find in everyone’s home!

Sauvignon ChaiseGustav Chais 62173 Silo

Aminah Chaise 63385Sandra LAF Chaise


Written by: Victoria Manning, Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge St. 

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Home for the Holidays – Decorium Design Tips

No one Says home for the holidays like Decorium.

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Top 5 Lighting Ideas

Lighting needs in our homes change from room to room. Each space requires a different level of illumination. Light in the bedroom and dining room must have a level lower than in the living room or kitchen. These spaces are where we socialize; we enjoy meals and where we share time with family and friends. The lighting should be soft, enjoyable and lovely, so the important thing is to make sure to find the perfect lamp for every room of your house.




Glass Faceted Pendant LampStardust Ceiling LampVanderbilt Pendant Lamp


Pendant lighting has been an important trend in decorating this year and will continue into next year. Using these lamps will help to create perfectly lit spaces. The kitchen especially needs far more light than other rooms in the house, so that you can safely see the food you prepare and cook. If you have ever tried to cook in a poorly lit kitchen, you know how disconcerting (and even dangerous) it can be. Some in-demand pendant lighting draw inspiration from the past, while other styles are unique and contemporary in design.

With any version of pendant lighting styles are popularly placed in a space with a contemporary design scheme. Bowl drum pendants and standard pendants are both important silhouettes. Multi-light pendants are another important category, with many trend-setters choosing several fixtures to incorporate with their internal designs.




Eva Chandelier_59263Starlight Chandelier 52523 SiloCyclone lamp 61848 silo

Lighting choices can also take cues from transitional craftsmanship, defined by clean lines and lighter finishes. People have been looking at dark, heavy scrolls for so long that they are wanting something light and fresh.

A hot look in light fixtures right now is mixed metal, dulled gold, and foiled silver over gold. These finishes are popular with the transitional style because it has an antique yet contemporary look.




Ventus Floor LampCharcoal Floor LampFeather_lightbrown_tripod_floor_black

One of the easiest ways to create a romantic mood in the bedroom is by using floor lamps. Lighting is one of the most important components and a floor lamp can go a long way towards providing just the right mood. You’ll also want to consider the bulbs you use in the floor lamp, which are an equally important part of the equation.

If you prefer to convey a tranquil, relaxing mood in your bedroom, that’s another goal a floor lamp – with the right bulb – could help you achieve.


Origami Lamps


Lamps I’ve introduce today are not only going to give an origami touch to your decor , but will also give an enigmatic touch to your room. Practically weightless and providing soft and cozy lighting, these lamps give to our rooms a special and different touch. With origami lamps, you can create very neutral lighting to match any style of furniture; with white being the easiest to match of course.




Cabinets that have built-in lights, direct or indirect, help to create another level of comfort and amenity.
It is a trend that we will see even more.

Marcus Bed 902201 silo 1Mill Street Night Stand 59491 silo

Article Written By: Carolina Remer, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

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Living In Colour

If you think of the way we describe certain emotions, seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy; there is no denying that colour and mood are linked. Slip on a tailored little black dress and you instantly feel chic and sexy. Pop open a sunny yellow umbrella on a gloomy day and some of that glow will rub off on you. In order to create the same feeling in your home, add some colour, or pops of colour to every room. Here are some colours and the moods they emit!


Eduard Accent Chair


Green  is a restful colour, relaxing and easy on the eyes




Orange provides a room with an energetic feel

Llewellyn Accent Chair 63406 Silo

Blue is calm and serene, perfect for adding relaxing touches to any room




Brown adds a warm and comfortable feeling to any room, from a den or family room to a bedroom


Jubilee Nest Chair


No other colour can provide the excitement and fire that red can add to your home décor


Purple Purple 2


Touches of purple throughout your home add sophistication and fun


Palmira 63386 F


Yellow adds sunshine to your life, your home and your spirit!


Article Written By: Anna Carullo, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

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Sneak Peak On Fall Decor

Although I am very sad to see summer leave us, I’m excited for the Fall – the arrival of my first grandchild as well as fall decor & fashion (some really great boots!)

Sofa and Coffee Table


Fall is a great time to transform your home to capture the spirit of the season by adding spice and warmth. This year, take a look at the beauty of nature’s fall wardrobe by using all the colors of the Autumn palette.


Showroom Shot


When purchasing furnishing for your living room, look for furniture that is neutral and warm in color. Brown and mocha couches work well for all seasons, especially fall.  To create a warm, cozy feel decorate with fall colored accessories. Put an autumn colored throw pillows on your couch.


Showroom shot 2


Colorful candles bring beauty in the seasons’ colors. Even when not lit, candles create a warm ambiance in the room. Fall is about layering and creating warmth. It is about texture.


Hurricane candel holder 54073 siloHour Glass Candle Holder 61593 silo



Twig Candlerholder   Flute Ball Candleholder


So when the weather turns cool and crispy, your home becomes more a heaven than ever.  From golden welcoming space this Fall.


Article Written By: Marta Wojtal, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

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Boho Grove King Bed

Decorating Your Condo

Decorating  your condo, or any condo for that matter, can be a very challenging but gratifying experience, particularly in cases where space is often limited. In decorating your condo, the key is to develop a meaningful, yet realistic plan before you start. It is essential to organize yourself in order to maximize your space, but not necessarily compromise on style.

Be Creative and maximize storage opportunities where possible. Wherever you can benefit from built-ins, do so.


Bills Built in

Learn to utilize colour to visually expand space. For example in the case of bedrooms, dark ceilings can give a room height, while the use of mirrors can help to make a room larger than it actually is.

Boho Grove King BedGeometric Zinc Wall MirrorTula Accent Chest



Combining materials such as velvet and mohair’s with luxe lighting can connect rooms visually and give them a full and cozy feeling.




Written By: Bill Lampert, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest.
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Creative Use of Space – The Cabinet Bed

Featured on FS Local, Design Consultant Ellen Zworth opens our eyes to new ways of honing in on the creative use of space, and introduces us to the alluring Cabinet Bed.

Click the link below to read the full article!




Musings – Finding vs shopping

Some call it shopping.

We call it finding. – Because the latter suggests a match, not a purchase.

Finding is discovering new things to love, joining the ones you already cherish.




Styles change, lamps change, rooms change. You switch them up, embellish them, adorn them and create a place for yourself, your friends, and your family.


Ethan Curio Cabinet 62203 RS


Your home should be and is as eclectic as you are worldly, bright, and or modern.

It changes and grows with your love, thoughtful design, and the inspiration that surrounds us.


Barbara Park Ent Console 62317 RS

And we keep finding, collecting, and sharing with one another…

For the thrill of the hunt, the constant pursuit of beautiful things.

Because the story of your home is never quite complete.

And because design is never done.

Article Written By: Lisba Selbo, Designer and manager at Decorium on Yonge. 

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Home Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes from all walks of life, in many shapes and sizes; often when we’re not even looking for it.

Brought on by a change in perspective, sometimes inspiration reveals itself in places we would have never thought to look.

Hiding in plain sight, we present these famous inspirational quotes, to feed the mind and spark alternative design concepts/themes; and to ultimately help you turn your home into a sanctuary.


“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”

                                                                  Mark Twain

So come into Decorium to celebrate your vision and embrace your imagination.

Broderick Hill Bed RS


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

                      Marcel Proust

Visit Decorium and “see” our gorgeous collections.

Alexina Bed


“Inspiration is an awareness that you cultivate”

So choose your teachers wisely and visit Decorium for the elegant, the whimsical, the modern and the classic.

Angelina 3pc Sectional SKU 902159Sawyer End Table 63800 Silo

Metropolitan rs          Carlington shot

Article Written By: Lisba Selbo, Interior Designer & Manager at Decorium on Yonge

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Luxury In Mirrored Furniture

Would you like to create charming and luxurious rooms? Jump into this year’s latest trend, using mirrored furniture.

Modern furniture with mirrored surfaces is an ideal way to transform average rooms into amazing and unique spaces.

For the most part, mirrored furniture pieces reflect lots of light, making the interior design of any room feel brighter. Classic or modern, the mirrored furniture look is a gorgeous design scheme that fits any room.

Make the space look as glamorous as the movies of the 30s, just by adding a striking piece like a console or dresser. Mirrored furniture items bring character to interior design and create an exceptional atmosphere; elegant in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Finally, this new trend gives us a fantastic alternative to achieve contemporary spaces, brighter and more luxurious.


Mina Console Table 62058             Tula Accent Chest

August_RS_62335                Garry Credenza

Advice By: Carolina Remer, Design Consultant at Decorium Furniture on Supertest. 

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