Winter & Christmas

Winter & Christmas


Winter has arrived and the Christmas season is near, so make your place look cozy and warm with a beautiful sectional from here! A warm color grey with bright toss cushions at play, in colours red, green and blue, enjoy the fireplace with friends and family and you.


November 29th 2019
Article Written By Raffaele Martino

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

How to decorate your home for the holidays 

It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are approaching and one of the best ways to show your spirit is to decorate your home in the holiday spirit.

An easy way to decorate your home is to spread a little holiday spirit in each room. A great way to decorate your home is to start with some colour. Add some coloured accent pillows to your family room. Red and green are a great option as well as some earthy tones.

Next, another great way to add holiday cheer in a room is to add some extra lighting. Using brass gold and chrome lighting can really add to your room and make it brighter.

Lastly, the holiday season is the time of the year in which you always have guests coming over. A great way to entertain and show your holiday spirit is by using a nice bar cart. The bar cart can be decorated with some nice holidays glasses, some greenery as well as little accessories.

Don’t be afraid to add some color into your space this holiday season and enjoy!


November 22nd 2019
Article Written By Yuval Elbaum

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Finding Your Home Design Style – Fashion Influence on Design


One of the most common concerns I encounter with a number of clients is that they’re not sure what their ‘Design Style’ is, when it comes to choosing furnishings for their home.  My advice to them is simply this…”Look In Your Closet”.

While not an exact science, most Interior Design experts have discovered that the fashions we choose to wear – fabrics, colours, patterns, and accessories – are a great indicator of how we like to live our lives and what makes us feel most comfortable.

Fashion apparel is a simple blueprint for influencing what happens aesthetically in our home decor.  It can show if you prefer a linear, modern look or if you lean more towards curves, as well as your colour preference such as soft neutrals or bold colours.  Looking at your choice of jewelry can also show if you prefer the cool chrome and silver metallic finishes or warm golds and bronzes; or if you like to mix it up for an eclectic look.

When trying to find your Home Design Style, yes it can be as simple as Looking In Your Closet!

Just remember that, both in Fashion and Home Decor, it’s important to find a style and trend that allows you to express yourself freely and shows off your unique taste.


November 15th 2019
Article Written By Beatrice Espinola 

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

How to decorate a room with texture and patterns.

Decorating with texture and patterns makes a room interesting and alive. By mixing faux fur and quilted fabrics, you can create a simple, relaxed space. Rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smooth texture bring a sleeker tone to the room. As with anything else when it comes to interior design, the key is to create a balance. Without enough textured elements, a space can feel cold. But the most important part is to create your own little sanctuary, using the textures and patterns that make you feel good and happy.

November 8th 2019
Article Written By Renata Biala

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Message Chairs. Furniture that can change you life!


Are you looking for furniture that can change your life, or at least make a difference in your overall well being?  Consider a message chair with all the health benefits!  There has been a great deal of research into message therapy and it’s benefits, and if you have a message chair of your own, you can enjoy them on a daily basis.  All message chairs are not created equal. The Cozzia Message Chair is the ultimate in therapeutic relaxation.

Here are several benefits that you can discover by relaxing in a Cozzia Message Chair:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • Manage lower back pain
  • Lessen headaches
  • Spark creativity
  • Boost immunity
  • Loosen the muscles and joints
  • Decreases the stress hormone Cortisol by up to 50%
  • Releases endorphins, reduces anxiety and slows down the heart rate

Stress is a part of everyday life.  Yes, drinking calming teas like chamomile, meditating,  and using a weighted blanket can help you relax.

But, if you have the budget to purchase a Cozzia message chair then it could change your life!

Imagine reaping all the positive benefits of sitting in a Cozzia message chair everyday in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Here’s to relaxation at its best!


November 4th 2019
Article Written by Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Time for gold and silver!


This is the time of the year when you can really express yourself.

No limits!

If you like gold and silver, it is the right season to introduce these two colors into your home.

You don’t have to change the whole decor, small accessories, like toss pillows or throws will bring the festive spirit.

Gold and silver accents are always glamorous and special.

Start small, adding something like a few plates for the kitchen, small shades for the lamps and maybe a small decorative rug with shiny gold or silver thread.

Enjoy the season!

November 1st 2019
Article Written by Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Future Fall Decor Trends

Before we talk about New trends in Interior design, the first thing that we need to take into consideration is that our first priority as designers should always be to create the right atmosphere that our clients and their families desire.

We are living in a very stressful era, which leads us to create interiors where we can feel calmer and more relaxed. We are able to achieve this by incorporating materials like wood and stone, as well as including Nature when decorating our rooms. The idea is to transport the outside world into our homes, creating warm spaces of relaxation and tranquility.

Curves and wavy lines combined with straight lines, generate a more inviting look.

The neutral colors that we have been using for the last few years, are now mixed with vibrant colors  and different patterns, creating spaces with a lot of personality.

In terms of colors, gray continues to be a great neutral option, both on walls and furniture. Pink and all its different shades will still continue to be used in interiors. One of the new colours gaining traction is purple, in all its shades, from tenuous to intense. We will continue using green and all its different shades to reinforce the idea of bringing Nature inside, as well as blue and all its shades.

If we combined all the above specifications, we will be able to create relaxed, rich and natural spaces with the addition of your own personal touch.


October 25th 2019
Article Written by Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]



Hardware Colours

Pewter and gunmetal hardware are in.

Last year the queen of hardware finishes was brass and gold. This year pewter and gunmetal. They are less harsh than black and go with more design styles than brass or gold. It has a nice finish with texture.

You can easily replace the hardware around your house to make a difference. Changing little things can totally update a room’s entire look.

October 18th 2019
Article Written By Renata Biala
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Styling a bookshelf

Ten Tips to style a Bookshelf:

  1. Put tall objects on the top shelf to emphasize the height of the ceiling.

  2. Use bookends on one of the shelves , but not on all of the shelves as it will be overwhelming.

  3. Stack books in different directions.

  4. Group picture frames of different sizes on a shelf.

  5. Showcase souvenirs on a shelf to start a conversation about your travels.

  6. Add life with greenery.

  7. Add whimsical touches i.e. a glass knot or metal glasses.

  8. Try use an odd number of shelves.

  9. Try adding words i.e. Love or Family or your Initials.

  10. Try colour blocking if you want to be creative.

October 11th 2019
Article Written By: Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Hallway entrance decor

The hallway entrance to your home will be the first impression that you your guests are going to have of your interior design.

In other words, it is the door to your full house decor.

Depending on the area of the hall you are decorating, you can choose something like a moon shaped console or an impressive little accent chest with any color of your choice.

By adding a mirror or a small painting above the console, you will bring a hint of chic to the whole vignette.

Put an accent silver tray on top of your piece and you are all done for the big entrance “wow”!

Express yourself, no limits and no regrets!!!

October 4th 2019
Article Written By: Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]